Wing Chun

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Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a form of self-defense that specializes in close range attacks. It holds a very special place within Kung Fu and is said to have originated from Southern Shaolin. Over the years, WingChun has gained widespread credence as it is practical, takes less to learn and can be practiced by people of all sizes and age irreseptictive of their physical ability. Wing Chun is very effective when used within a limited space that hence it woks really well in places like hallmarks, lifts, ATM's or any other confined place.Wing Chun is more than a system of self-defense. Apart from its effective combative application it translates into lot of health benefits like physical fitness, coordination, better speed and power, Improved focus and mental health. Mostly for WingChun practitioners WingChun is a way of life and Its philosophy can be used to improve our daily lifes.

Shifu Kanishka is one of the very few authentic teachers of WingChun in Inida. Three masters of different have passed down their knowledge and understanding of this art to him.

Master Lo Man Kam

In 2005 Shifu Kanishka travelled to Taiwan to study Wing Chun and police kung fu under Master Lo Man Kam. He is the Nephew of IP man and one of oldest and finest masters belonging to IP man lineage.

Sifu Sitta Wang

Shifu Kanishka in the year 2006 under the guidance of Master Wang studied his system of modified Wing Chun and Southern Shaolin 18 Lohan. Shifu Kanishka effectively blends the traditional and modern system keeping it simple and practical for his students.

Grandmaster Vincet Kwok - Fok Chiu Wing Chun

Vincet Kwok is the grand student of Yiu Choi and is the current president and instructor of Fok Chiu wing chun association. Shifu Kanishka's desire to train in authentic traditional Foshan Wing Chun came true when he visited Hong Kong last year and decided to train with Grandmaster Vincet Kwok. Seeing Shifu Kanishka's exceptional skills in martial arts he was accepted as a close door student of Grand Master Vincet Kwok and is the only person who has the authority to teach authentic Fok Chiu Foshan Wing Chun in India.