Shifu Kanishka Combatives

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Shifu Kanishka Combatives

ShifuKanishka started his martial arts journey when he was just six years old. He has spent almost all of his life training in various martial arts, Shaolin KungFu, PekitiTirsia Kali, MuayChaiya are some of them. For shifu learning martial arts never stops, he continues to learn even today.

There is always a lacuna created when one decides to stick to a particular fighting style and is not ready to accept the changes considering the modern times and today's needs. Shifu on his journey as a martial artist understood the significance of combat application, range at which a particular style operates, survival tactics, efficient techniques against multi-opponent etc. He wanted to deliver a style to his students that was compatible with these factors and that's when he came up with his own system called ShifuKanishkaCombatives.

ShifuKanishkaCombatives is basically a blend of six martial arts; these include Shaolin Kung Fu, PekitiTirsia Kali, MuayChaiyan, JKD, TaiChi and WingChun. It lays emphasis on Survival tactics, fighting multi opponents and weapons usage. The techniques incorporated in this system focuses on effective learning and its application. ShifuKanishka's combat system unlike most of the systems operates at all ranges including long, Medium, Close, extreme close, ground combat and specializes in edge and impact weapon.

You don't have to be a pro martial artist to learn ShifuKanishkaCombatives. We don't train for belts, competitions or any certificates. We train to survive on street.

We continue to live by our motto,

"Train like you fight,

Fight like you train"