Muay Chaiya

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Muay Chaiya

MuayChaiya, an indigenous Thai martial art that developed 200 years ago. Itoriginated in the southern province of Suratthaniin a city called chaiyamostly used in defense to protect the empire back then. The fighting style created by a soldier who travelled to Chaiya and started sharing his knowledge of martial art with the locals.

MuayChaiya is one of the oldest forms of Thai boxing, a predecessor of modern Muay Thai but the similarities between the two arts are not very obvious. In MuayChaiyaone does not learn how to simply use kicks and punches for attacks, every technique is learnt by practicing drills and movements over and over again until it gets perfect.

The art was designed for warfare purposes but in today's timeit has elevated into an effective self-defense arsenal. Throwing, smashing, grappling breaking is used for offense and dodging, pushing, blocking is used for defense. It comprises of four basic principles:

  • Cover
  • Sweep
  • Close
  • Open

These principles will help to protect one's body from top to bottom. Hence it is very important to master the basic fundamentals before moving on to the advance level.

ShifuKanishka's enthusiasm for learning different Martial arts never really stops. Yet again hedecided to travel to Thailand in the year 2005 to study the art of ancient Thai boxing under AjarnKruLek, One of the last remaining masters of MuayChaiya. Under the guidance of his teacher, Shifukanishka would like to further pass on the knowledge to his students by introducing MuayChaiya In India.