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Road To Shaolin- A Traditional Residential Shaolin KungFu camp

Experience the authentic Shaolin kung fu training with 3 Grandmasters for the first time at Shaolin Gurukul. 4 days of intense Shaolin KungFu training, students will be taught how to use traditional Kungfu for combat fighting. The camp will be conducted by Shifu Kanishka Sharma along with his masters visiting from China.

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Da Shifu Shi Heng Jun

He is 35th generation Shaolin warrior monk and proficient in five aspects kung fu, forms, weaponry, demonstrations sparring and teaching. He is also the master of Shaolin secret techniques that includes Dian Xue ( punching the lethal point of the body), Qin Na (locking techniques), Shaolin Lohan Quan (Arhat Boxing); and Drunken style.

Shifu Liu Zhi Fang

Shifu Liu Zhi Fang is one of the 34th generation, Shaolin Warrior. He Began his training at a very early age. Shifu Liu Zhi Fang is famous for his Shaolin Qi Gong (Meditation in Movement), Shaolin Sanshou (Shaolin Combat) and also has been National Champion in China for Shaolin Weapon - the Double 9 section whip chain. He is the disciple of legendary grandmaster Shi Suyi also known as Liang yi quan the founder of one of the biggest kungfu schools, "Shaolin Epo Wu Yuan".

Training course of martial arts camp

Shifu Shi Heng Jun will be covering

*Shaolin Qi gong

*Shaolin Tai Tzu Chang Quan ,

*Shifu Liu Zhi Fang will be covering

*Shaolin Sanshou Combat ( Combat Combination, Pad Work, Kicking and Wrestling

Typical Day:

5 Hours of Training daily.

5.30am -- Wake Up

6.00am -- Tea with biscuits/fruit/light snacks

6.30am to 8.30am -- Training

8.30am -- Breakfast

11.00am to 12.00pm -- Training

12.30pm -- Lunch

3.30pm -- Tea with biscuits/light snacks

4.00pm to 6.00pm -- Training

8.00pm -- Dinner

The Fee

Rs. 15,000 for 20 hours specialized training in 'Shaolin Kungfu with Shifu Kanishka and two grandmasters Da shifu Shi Heng Jun and Shifu Liu Zhi Fang.

Rs.10,000 for 4 days of Accommodation and 5 times food a day.

Total -- Rs.25,000 payable.

Only accepting 20 registrations. To reserve, please send your confirmation to, Miss Megha Singh on +919680149933 via whats app. You can email on and pay the fees. Right of admission reserved with management.

Refund policy

Any last moment cancellations will be charged 30% of the total fees. kindly let us know at least one week before the camp starts for the same.

Karambit Basics

For beginners in the field of fighting knives The Karambit is a small sized more like a personal knife made of sharpened steel and very lethal. The usage of which has gained popularity today.

The Feature of The Karambit is its unique curved blade more like the claw of a wild beast. Another distinct feature is the handle of the Karambit usually has a whole large enough to insert a finger and form a firm grip. Clearly the shape of the Karambit depicts it is not a weapon to be used to stab like the regular daggers, but rather fine to slash and tear the opponent.

The leathal weapon Karambit and its use.

This weapon is used in swift movements. With regular practice the userís movements are quick and smooth and deadly. The weapon is small, it is fast, and it is usually deployed in a slapping motion by the bad guy. Just remember that each slap carries with it a piece of sharpened steel.

Tuhon Kanishka Sharma

For beginners in the field of fighting knives The Karambit is a small sized more like a personal knife made of sharpened steel and very lethal. The usage of which has gained popularity today.

Tuhon Kanishka Sharma is a world-famous practitioner of edge weapon defence and offense. His 30+ years of martial arts knowledge makes him a most sort after master in the world to train with especially when it comes to edge weapon training. Tuhon Kanishka Sharma is the owner of Shifu Kanishka Combatives an expert in numerous martial arts and the India law enforcement and military trainer. He has trained the Indian special forces, Army, Airforce and Navy.

Action your training in this special and effective life skill.

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January Martial Arts Seminar

Learn the deadly art of Karambit In India

Tuhon Shifu Kanishka Sharma will be teaching the deadly art if Karambit

Venue - G 12, Sector 27 Noida.

Date - January 3-4 2017

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