About Shifu Kanishka

It was love at first sight. Shifu Kanishka’s love for martial arts began when he was just 7 years old. It happened on an ordinary night when his driver Suraj Pal got the movie, 36 Chambers of Shaolin for him. Little did he know that what started then would become his life’s passion. 

Shifu Kanishka Sharma is the first and only Indian to have gained the title of “Shifu” from the famous Shaolin Temple in China. He is the first Indian who brought the deadly combat system of Pekiti Tirsia Kali to India. He is also the first Indian to introduce Kali Tactical Combat System to the Law Enforcement, Military and Special Forces.

Shifu’s remarkable and inspiring journey has been covered on many TV documentaries and TV series and also written about in books. 101 Video embedded ( narration)

Shifu Kanishka is trained in

1.    Shaolin jiben gong ShibaShi
2.    Shaolin Tai Tzu Chang quan
3.    Shaolin Wu bu Chuan
4.    Shaolin Qi Xing Chuan
5.    Shaolin Xiao Hong Chuan
6.    Shaolin Luohan Shi Ba shou
7.    Shaolin Luohan Duanda
8.    Shaolin Luohan chuan
9.    Shaolin Wuxing Bafa (5 animal 8 movement)
10.    Shaolin Rumen chuan
11.    Shaolin Yin Shou Gun
12.    Shaolin 9 Section whip Chain
13.    Shaolin Broadsword (Dao)
14.    Shaolin Jian( straight sword)
15.    Shaolin XinYi Quan
16.    Shaolin Ba Duan jin
17.    Shaolin yi jin jing Qi Gong
18.    Shaolin San Sa liu Duanda( 36 short fighting combination of Shaolin kungfu)
19.    Shaolin Mehiua Chuan
20.    Shaolin Pao Chuan
21.    Shaolin Hu chuan( Tiger fist)
22.    Shaolin Eagle Fist
23.    Shaolin Kan jia chuan
24.    Shaolin Yangjia Shi San Qiang( 13 Spear)
25.    Shaolin Moon Spade
26.    Shaolin Drunken Stick
27.    Shaolin Tong Bei Chuan
28.    Shaolin Da Hong Chuan
29.    Shaolin Rinso Tongbei Chuan
30.    Lian Huan Quan
31.    Jitti Quan
32.    Gui Ding Quan
33.    Ditang Mehiua Quan
34.    Chang Hu Xin Yi Men
35.    Rou Quan
36.    Lian Shou Duanda
37.    Southern Shaolin Eighteen Luohan
38.    Yu-fe Ching Chiao Da-Dao
39.    Guiding Gun
40.    Rope Dart
41.    Pigua Gun
42.    Duan Gun
43.    Yang 24 Tai chi
44.    Traditional Combat like Shaolin Tang fang ba
45.    Shaolin Sanshou( Free Fighting) specially in Shao Jiao( wrestling) and Shuai Fa( Takedowns)